#1 superior

#1 Regular



  Premium #1 Superior #1 Regular Light
Définition Dense and uniform on no less than 3 sides, with minor imperfections Dense and uniforme on no less than 3 sides, with minor impectections Heavy to medium density, uniform on no less than 3 sides, with minor imperfections. Stem  may be partially visible. Medium to light density, nice on 2 plus sides. Stem is sometimes visible.
In few words Almost perfect tree. uncommon and expensive Top quality. Nearly premiums Easily beat in quality box store trees. Nice and harmonious tree but just lighter in density.
Better sides (upon 4 sides) 3 perfect sides 3 almost perfect uniforme sides 3 almost perfect uniform sides 2 or more adjoining sides charming but lighter in density
Required criteria Dense
Beautiful foliage
Nice to slightly impecfect foliage
Medium to heavy density
Nice to slightly imperfect foliage
Light to medium density
Beautiful foliage
Worst sides
(upon 4 sides)
1 side ± imperfect
(with 0 or 1 defect)
1 side ± imperfect
(with 1 or 2 defects)
1 side ± imperfect
(with 1 or 2 defects)
1 or 2 sides ± imperfects
Defects allowed Imperfect foliage
Gap (with hidden stem)
Imperfect foliage
Gaps (with hidden stem)
Imperfect foliage
Gaps (stem partially visible)
Imperfect foliage
Gaps (stem sometimes visible)
Not tolerated defects Round shape / Yellow color
Gap near the head
Round shape / Yellow color
Gap near the head
Round shape / Yellow color
Gap near the head
Round shape / Yellow color
Gap near the head,
nor big enough to enter a football!

Price list

  • We sell only what we grow / so our classification is trustworthy and reliable / but it causes a limited availability on each product
  • So please order soon until august-september / Ordering in october-november doesn’t change the freshness, it is only disorganizing and upsetting
  • We wait for many frosts before harvesting / we always harvest during november
  • Prices are for cut trees / wrapped / loaded on trucks / border fees and papers completed / only the freight charges are not included
  • In Canada add 5% GST / in USA ass no taxes
  • Better prices for big quantities / full loads / surplus batches with special price
  • Call or e-mail to receive a specific offer according to your needs and your location

Environmental benefit of cultivating

A Christmas tree RECYCLES AIR to grow which is by far more ecological than an artificial tree


Think green; natural trees absorb CO2 (carbon dioxide), release O2 (oxygen) and store the C (carbon) to grow. Trees are made from the carbon that was once in the air. After Christmas, the tree will transform itself to compost. Transforming the atmospheric pollution into compost is an important ecological factor. Furthermore, it helps reduce runoffs, the temperature variations and provide habitat etc.

In comparison, artificial trees are non-recyclable and non-biodegradable, meaning they will sit in a landfill for centuries after disposal. Artificial trees will travel thousands of kilometers before reaching consumers, requiring the burning of fossil fuel which causes air pollution.

An artificial tree may be used for approximately 5 years but eventually it will be disposed for a new one. Artificial trees are not biodegradable and cannot be recycled. Their disposal has a significant impact to the environment.

On the other hand, during those 5 years, if a small tree had been chosen if would have helped to absorb around 250 pounds of carbon dioxide from the air (also creates summer jobs for students etc.)

Recyclage Sapin

Perfect ecological gesture

After Christmas, use The Christmas Tree Recycling Program for a perfect ecological gesture. If you have a fair amount of land, you can chip it so it turns into compost. Do not burn your Christmas tree uselessly since you will be releasing in the atmosphere all the smoke and heat from the sun that it had absorbed over the years (see picture; wood is an accumulation of smoke and sun)

The Christmas tree plantations play an important role in the fight against the greenhouse effect and the global warming of our planet. The absorption of carbon is always high since the trees are always young and in constant growth. The trees cultivated for Christmas are quickly replaced by new ones to restart the carbon absorption process.

Some achievements

Over the past years, we have achieved several urban decor projects for businesses, municipalities and merchant associations. Below, you will find a few pictures demonstrating the kind of decors we can provide. We have supplied and offered decorating services for Montreal.

  • L’avenue du Mont-Royal
  • La rue Fleury
  • Le Carré Phillips devant le LaBaie du centre-ville
  • La place Dupuis
  • La promenade Wellington à Verdun, etc.
  • La place Jacques-Cartier & l’Hôtel de ville
  • Le Quartier Latin & la rue St-Denis
  • Le festival des neiges au parc Jean-Drapeau
  • Le Vieux-Port de Montréal
  • Le Quartier du Musée & la rue Crescent

Harvesting pictures





If you are shocked in seeing such a large amount of cut trees, remember that they are tones and tones of pollution that have been removed from the air and became wood. Afterwards, the old cultivated trees will become good compost and that new ones have already taken their place in the fields which in their turn will captivate the carbon.